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Here’s What to Ask Before Buying a Zero-Turn Mower

What to ask before buying a zero-turn mower

You want to make quick work of cutting your lawn this summer. You can spend more time poolside when you use a zero-turn mower.

This specialized mower is designed with maneuverability and efficiency in mind. Able to make zero-radius turns, it pivots on its own axis, leaving no grass uncut! This is a big win for homeowners and commercial teams alike.

Both durable and reliable, it can handle tasks of any size. More than that, its speed can help you finish a job (or jobs!) quickly.

So, the question is not whether to have a zero-turn mower. Instead, it’s what to ask before buying a zero-turn mower! Here are some considerations before buying a zero-turn mower.

What size lawn do I need for a zero-turn mower?

Whether you have a large lawn, a small lawn, or something in between, zero-turn mowers are the answer. These versatile machines cater to all lawn types and sizes. This makes them a great choice for homeowners and professionals.

Featuring a unique turning mechanism, zero-turn mowers are also ideal for heavily landscaped lawns. Zipping around trees, boulders, flower beds, and more, it’s more nimble than other mower types.

Are zero-turn mowers worth it?

It’s true, zero-turn mowers come with a price tag. The question everyone asks is, “are zero-turn mowers worth it?”

At the end of the day, zero-turn mowers reign supreme in multiple areas. From superior cut quality to time-saving features, a zero-turn mower is hard to beat. With robust decks, their blade rotation is faster offering a clean cut.

Add to that, zero-turn mowers are huge time-savers. Thanks to exceptional maneuverability, you can navigate around landscaping features with ease. By swiftly moving around obstacles, you can complete your mowing tasks in less time.

Let’s not forget that zero-turn mowers are also built tough. Due to their sturdiness and robust build, you can expect long-lasting performance. This ensures that you can rely on them to handle a variety of lawn types.

What are some benefits of a zero-turn mower?

Zero-turn mowers are a popular choice for lawn care and for good reason! Most importantly, they’re easy to use. This makes them accessible to users at all experience levels. Plus, their results speak for themselves.

But it’s not all about looks. These machines are faster than many of their more well-known mowing counterparts. Safety also makes this machine a great investment. Their lower center of gravity enhances stability, making them safer to use on slopes. Sitting above the deck also creates enhanced vision. This provides better awareness of what’s being mowed to avoid accidents.

And let’s not forget versatility. With rear discharge capabilities, you can trim on both sides of the mower, ensuring a neat and precise finish. This is true even near buildings, roads, or cemeteries.

What does zero-turn mower maintenance consist of?

You want to keep your zero-turn mower investment in good working order. Like any mower, a zero-turn mower requires ongoing maintenance.

Regular engine service is essential. This includes changing your oil, tuning up your engine, and replacing air filters.

Check the tire pressure, inspect the belts, and lubricate the moving parts to maintain traction and overall functionality. Plus, don’t forget to sharpen your blades for the ideal cut. Also, debris build-up can be a fire hazard. Make sure to keep the mower clear of any build-up.

What zero-turn mower attachments and accessories are best?

Another great thing about zero-turn mowers—they do more than mow!

Offering a wide selection of attachments and accessories, zero-turn mowers have everything you need to make yard work simple. Efficiently mulch grass clippings and promote a healthier lawn with mulch kits. Or use flex forks to guarantee a smoother ride by handling shocks and vibrations.

Meanwhile, kits are ideal for added convenience during maintenance or transportation. Baggers prove useful too. They tidy up grass clippings and leaves for a cleaner-looking lawn.

Zero-turn mower brands like Grasshopper® and Toro® offer winter attachments. They’re designed to handle cold weather conditions like snow clearing.

Toro offers a multi-force system, allowing you to add various attachments to meet many needs. 

JRCO® offers some universal attachments such as aerators for soil aeration, spreaders for even distribution of fertilizers or seeds, and sprayers for effective application of pesticides or herbicides. These are just a few of the available add-ons that make zero-turn mowers the ultimate lawn care tool.

What zero-turn mower brand should I choose?

Looking for a zero-turn mower brand that suits your needs? Good news—there are several great options on the market! Here are the top brands that stand out for their performance and features.

Hustler® is the go-to for anyone looking for great value. Their mowers are built strong and designed to last. With a range of models available, Hustler can meet a variety of needs.

Need a smooth ride? Check out STIHL® and Ferris®. Their mowers include suspension systems that allow for a smoother ride, even on rough terrain.

If you want to customize your mowing experience, consider Grasshopper. Their mowers come with a wide selection of attachments. Also, their heavy-duty units can handle tough tasks.

Toro is popular for their broad coverage. Their models excel in diverse mowing scenarios and provide outstanding performance.

All these brands offer distinct features and advantages, so take your time and find the perfect brand for your unique needs.

So, are zero-turn mowers worth it? At Ty’s Outdoor Power, we think so. If you have more questions or want to learn more, come to Ty’s Outdoor Power to learn more about zero-turn mowers or to shop our zero-turn mowers and mower parts.

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